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Where are you in the process of creating your brand and everything that supports it:
your website, online presence, logo, images, and business cards and other print materials?

Just getting started? That’s cool! We can help with everything from creating your name, website and “icatching” visuals to advertising what you have to offer.

A little farther along? Fantastic! We can help you bring your company to the next level by modernizing your brand and enhancing your online presence to increase client engagements.

Focused on selling a product or service? Excellent! We can help you take advantage of the power of online marketing, proving our value by tracking conversions, decreasing cost per acquisition and increasing sales.

New to it all? Welcome! We can help by having our super smart but down-to-earth team explain all the “icatching” marketing opportunities available to you.

We’ll Perform
Online Magic For You

Of All Customers

Visit Your Website

More than half of all customers
— 60% — check you out online
before they do business with you.
We show you how to take advantage of that.

2 Seconds


People are so distracted by social media, apps, and custom advertising that their attention span only allows 2 seconds to decide whether to stay on a website or bounce to the next one.



Almost all first impressions — 94% — are design-related. While you only have one chance to make a first impression, that memory — good or bad — can last for a year.


Conversion Rates

The median conversion rate for websites in all industries is 2.34% — but we pride ourselves in increasing conversions up to 10% and more.



About 30% of all users who search for your keyword will go to your website if you are on the first page in Google — and we are the only marketing agency that guarantees you’ll be there.

Oh, & Here Are Some iCatching Tips

7. August 2017

8 Must-Haves for Doctor Websites

23. May 2017 in Allgemein

Enhance Your Brand With Promotional Photography

The old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” has never been truer, given consumers’ ever-shortening attention spans. If you’re a business owner, it’s extremely important to understand that…

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23. May 2017 in Allgemein

7 Steps to making your e-commerce site successful

1. Strategy Proper planning before jumping into anything is always a good idea. It’ll end up saving you a lot of time and a lot of money in the long…

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8. September 2016 in Allgemein

6 Easy Ways to Create Great Images for E-Commerce Websites

In the age of visual culture, millions of consumers are scrolling through numerous images on the Internet every day. Whether they are shopping online, browsing their social media networks, or…

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29. August 2016 in Allgemein

How to Build a Brand

Having a great brand strategy is vital to any type of business expenditure but before learning about how to build a brand, it is fundamental to understand the “why”. A new business…

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