We Fixed

Website Content Problems

Before we stepped in, Discover PB was unable to keep up a functioning website. With blocked search engines and a lackluster design, they needed a serious remodeling. We developed a new website based on what they asked for and repaired all of their critical issues.

We Created

A Development Solution

Along with their website, we included a Woocommerce function for the website to sell tickets for events. A QR scanning function was added for PB events, so customers could scan themselves for the event directors to check for attendance rates.

We did

SEO and Mobile Friendliness

One of the most important parts of our process was creating a mobile and tablet-friendly version of the websites (and its various pages), tailored for the consumer’s ease of access. We also made the website more google friendly for higher traffic.

We did


We wanted visitors to know that the dining, shopping, and entertainment offered in PB is year-round. This message is reiterated through these banners while driving both in and out of the area.

We did


Repetition to the key to memorization, which is why our concept is presented almost everywhere you can image. Banners are in front of bars, restaurants, and shops all over the main streets of Pacific Beach.

We did

Professional Photography

Utilizing the city itself, we chose pictures of the scenery in Pacific Beach so whoever is visiting the site can really get a feel for the atmosphere. Restaurants, bars, beaches, and other attractions were photographed to attract a crowd.






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