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The first order of business for every successful marketing strategy is market research in combination with a competitive analysis. We need to understand how your business works, what you sell and how you sell it, and what your best competitors are doing to penetrate the market. This allows us to see what kind of marketing channels we need to use to create a positive ROI (Return of Investment) for our customers, which is our primary focus and key to success.

How The iCatch Marketing Strategy Works

Our process is designed to deliver the strongest campaigns on budget and on target


Before we take any action, we are looking into what you already have. We see what data we can gather from your business and from our cutting-edge analysis tools. We will take a look at your branding materials and the positioning of your business, no matter if you are new to market or an established business with recurring customers. Then our focus shifts with laser-point accuracy to understanding your business goals, customers, and competitors. Then, and only then, do we start the process of building your brand, website, and online marketing strategy.


After we have gathered all necessary information about your business and industry, we begin the evaluation process, where we create and refresh the look and feel of your brand with a focus on your specific target group. Why? Because, a consistent branding throughout all marketing materials is essential for brand awareness. This is also why we create a brand-consistent website for you that goes hand-in-hand with your market research and strategy, ensuring that Google falls in love with it at the same time. Additionally. we’ll make sure that we build the trust elements and landing pages that we need for a successful online marketing strategy.


After building the foundation with a competitive market analysis and branded website, we are ready to advertise for your business. Our market research will determine the ideal marketing channels, such as Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), or Social Media marketing, just to name a few. Regular reports and meetings with our customers ensure that we are on target and on budget. After all, the thing that matters most to us is creating a positive return off your investment.

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