We found the most effective and cost-efficient marketing space. It is where men go every day!

The answer to where you get the most bang for your advertising buck is not always the obvious, but in this case it should be. We analyzed the marketing world to find the most effective place to advertise — a location that generates a high, cost-efficient conversion rate due to the highest attention rate possible from a captive audience. Check it out, have a laugh and see for yourself with our patented p2see sticker.

Be Front & Center

The ad is strategically placed to where it is virtually impossible to ignore. For 20 – 40 seconds, we own you.

This is a marketer’s dream. Imagine a place where your target customer is not distracted by anything else and practically craves an entertaining promotional message. We found that place.

Save on Cleaning Costs

Make your restroom more appealing to your customers. Save up to 60% on cleaning costs.

JFK Airport measured 80% less spillage, which cut down 60% on cleaning costs. As noted in the New York Times, “studies found that mistakes in marksmanship dropped by 80% as men kept their minds on their work.”

Benefit From High Volume Locations

Depending on the location, up to 20,000 visitors will see your ad every day. Close to 100% will remember it.

Bars, restaurants and clubs are great places to advertise. You can make their customers your customers — taking advantage when nature calls. Also, unlike a billboard you see while stuck in traffic, your ad is seen in a relaxed environment.

Make Everyone Happy

It shouldn’t take you long to realize that p2see is hit all around: advertisers gain market share by getting their products and services in front of a captive audience, the establishments where the ads appear save on cleaning costs, and the cleaning crews have less work.

p2see Standard

1,000 Sticker Min.

Design by Customer

1 Month Delivery

p2see Custom

1,000 Sticker min.

Custom Design by us

3 Revisions

6 Weeks Delivery

p2see Campaign

min. of 3 month campaign

dedicated campaign manager

high volume locations

custom design

unlimited revisions

end user tracking

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