We designed

The Brand

Cocoyana needed a unique design with a beachy yet luxurious feel. We decided to use warm colors and a clean web appearance. Easy navigation and a clear call to action helped increase sales.

We developed

The Website

Conversion optimization is key for an online shop like Cocoyana. We don’t just want to see a lot of traffic on the website; we also want to guide users into a sales funnel. We know what triggers a purchase decision and we pull that trigger every time.

We implemented

The Shop

An online shop requires more than just payment integration; it has to explain the shipping process, have a return policy and include legal text – plus it needs to be simple to navigate. We made sure Cocoyana’s users have easy shopping experiences.

We shot

Compelling Images

Cocoyana needed the right combination of fashion and product photography. Images with contextual backgrounds sell better than plain product shoots, so that’s why we chose a combination of both.

We wrote

The Content

Getting people excited is an art; writing product descriptions that outperform the competitors is a science. Interesting content with user value gets attention. Straightforward product descriptions for Cocoyana improved their conversions.

We did

Social Media Marketing

For our fashion brands like Cocoyana, we cover social media accounts from Google Plus to Facebook, VK, Twitter, Pinterest, TumblR and Instagram. The message is clear: Cocoyana offers the best-looking, fun beach attire available.

The Reason Someone Smiles Today

Building a Brand From Scratch Online & Offline

This fashion startup came to iCatch Marketing with the need to initiate awareness of its brand. Essentially building from the ground up, Cocoyana asked for development of a trendy, yet effective website and social media marketing to match. Along with developing an effective online establishment, Cocoyana also requested we build its offline brand with various marketing materials. The goal was to establish on online and offline presence and name for the brand – generate leads that will ultimately be converted to sales.

Being Cocoyana’s marketing partner since day one, we pride ourselves on its success.



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