We reinvented

The Design

Deccan International was in need of a modern and fresh design to help explain its software and build awareness for new opportunities in the industry.

We built

The Website

This project called for a more complex solution in the backend to present the front end nice and clean. Therefore, we built easy navigation within the homepage itself to showcase all product options.

We created

Stunning Photography

We wanted to showcase Deccan’s complex software while highlighting past cases and involving the company’s staff. This family-owned business takes community very seriously. Therefore, we used its own employees in photos rather than stock photography.

Make Better Decisions

Clear Call to Action &
A Simple Lead Generator

As the industry leader in decision support solutions for fire & EMS dispatch centers, Deccan International needed a web presence that conveys exactly that. It is not easy to sell a complex software; it is even harder to sell it to a target audience like fire chiefs and city officials. This is why Deccan reached out to iCatch Marketing. We built a strategy to reach this exact demographic and tailored its web presence to meet its unique needs.

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