We built

The Website

iCatch built Health Bear an easy to navigate website from the wireframe on up, using the latest and best platforms available. Contact info, product info, and a short company bio can be accessed with a simple click. We used a neutral background to make the brightly colored porridge cartons pop off the screen, enticing the viewer to learn more.

We manage

Google Ads and Amazon Launch

iCatch uses its online marketing expertise to successfully manage Health Bear’s Google Ads campaigns. We are also instrumental in launching their products on Amazon.

We designed

The Brand Voice

Since Health Bear specializes in a natural oat porridge product flavored with natural ingredients, we loaded their website with wholesome images of grains, fruits, seeds, and nuts. The simple, lean look of the website matches the simple slogan of the company: “Healthy Bodies, Healthy Planet.”

We photographed

The Product

iCatch employs professional photographers to capture the essence of what a website is promoting, whether it’s a noted cardiologist’s practice or a line of natural breakfast porridge. Our photos of Health Bear’s products are bright, clear, and inviting.

We branded

Marketing Materials that Stand Out in the Crowded Breakfast Food Field

After developing the plant-based breakfast porridge company’s cute and cuddly black and white bear logo, iCatch set to work crafting customized related cups, business cards, tri-fold pamphlets, and other marketing materials for the company to distribute to a hungry public. We also created a design brief using pleasing font and color codes, and even helped create Health Bear’s portable convention booth.

We consulted

The Mind Behind the Brand

We interviewed the mom behind Health Bear to find out her reasons for developing her line of natural breakfast porridges. The answer was something all parents can identify with: she wanted to provide her kids with a quick and healthy breakfast alternative to sugary cereals and instant oatmeal packets full of chemicals. And that’s what a consumer can read about on the website.

About Health Bear Food Company

Healthy Alternatives For Families On-The-Go

Health Bear was founded by a mom who didn’t like the boring, chemically-enhanced breakfast foods for kids and adults available in supermarkets. So she developed a low-sugar, antioxidant rich line of delicious, healthy, and quick serve breakfast porridges (as in Goldilocks and the Three Bears) made from super grains, coconut milk powder, and natural ingredients like cocoa nibs, cherry, and blueberry.

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