We designed

Website Content Material

We redesigned the site’s content to focus on the team’s brilliant architectural designs. We also redesigned the firm’s logo to a circular design made from waves of water, symbolizing that Oasis is a rich, fertile sea of ideas in a desert of dry, boring architecture firms.

We built

A Mobile-Ready Website

Oasis’ website was plagued by technical problems that made navigation difficult and caused content to not display properly. So iCatch overhauled the interface, fixed the problems, and converted the website to display properly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, opening up the company to a new audience of potential clients who do business on the move.

We consulted

Applicable Fonts and Colors

Oasis came to us to consult with them on ways to bring their brand back to life. Besides redesigning their web interface and logo, we took a cue from the word “oasis,” which means a fertile area with life-giving water in the middle of a desert, and added soothing ocean-related shades of muted blues and greens.


About Oasis Architecture

A San Diego Based Company

With innovative residential designs spanning the country, Oasis aims to capture the lifestyle dreams of each client, creating a peaceful home oasis in an often noisy, stressful world. The firm’s goal is to seamlessly combine their architects’ unique vision with their clients’ residential needs.


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