We built

The Brand

HD Supply needed a powerful design to showcase the features of Pop Up Containment. Since their product can be used in so many industries, they needed something that could reach a diverse audience.

We developed

The Website

This company needed a site that was informative and able to generate adequate conversions. We created features that were dedicated to the sales process to lead the HD Supply shop.

We created

Online Strategy

The presence of Pop Up Containment was underwhelming on the main HD Supply platform. To bring them into the spotlight, we gave them their own site to provide viewers with an in-depth product experience.

We created

The Logo

Oftentimes the most recognizable element of your brand is its logo. That is why we designed Pop Up Containment a simple yet clearly identifiable logo to raise awareness of the brand. We made sure to incorporate the colors of the logo into every other aspect of the design.

We wrote

The Content

Pop Up Containment needed content that would help users to understand the many features and uses of Pop Up Containment while encouraging sales throughout. We balanced graphic, text and photo content to provide users with the most engaging way to explore the product.

We shot


Reading through technical jargon is oftentimes not the most effective way to understand the power of a product. Our promotional photographer provided Pop Up Containment with images of the product in action to help users visualize its many uses.

For When it Matters

The Quickest, Most Portable
& Durable Containment Ever

Since 2004, Pop Up Containment has been the most trusted source for industrial containment products that are engineered and built using the latest technology and smart materials. Working with customers in many industries, including mining, oil, construction, agriculture, transportation, automotive, aviation, disaster relief and emergency response, HD Supply knows that reliability is key.

iCatch Marketing helped brand the product to represent the world leader for load-tested, OSHA-compaint instant containment solutions, also be a leader online.







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