We created

The Design

How do you create a brand for a service that solves all your problems when you come to San Diego? You build REX, your best friend in America’s Finest City! Extensive research went into creating and designing this brand.

We developed

The Website

REX needed a website where users can sign up and set up their monthly payment plan while easily navigating through the different program options. We made sure everything from the merchant system integration to user flow works smoothly.

We conceptualized

The Strategy

REX found a niche to solve an everyday struggle for people who move to San Diego and don’t know their way around. Nobody knew there could be such a simple solution, which now REX delivers — spreading the word successfully with our help.

We did

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is essential for a lifestyle brand. As REX is not only supporting newbies in San Diego, but also building a community, social media marketing is an important part of our marketing strategy.

We performed

Search Engine Optimization

People who move to new places generally go online to research and look for help. It is important for them to learn valuable information like what’s available from REX — and we are making sure users find it.

We shot


Having a great product or service is one thing; creating a warm and exciting feel about it is the job of our lifestyle promotional photographer. We make sure people see and understand what being part of the REX community is about — using beautiful San Diego as the backdrop.

Your Best Friend in San Diego

Because You Can Never Have
Too Many Friends

Moving to a different country is always a challenge. Things like finding a new home and car, getting a mobile plan and just knowing your way around can be overwhelming when you’re alone in a new place, speaking a new language.

The REX Experience team helps newcomers to San Diego get through all that and more in the fastest, easiest way, while saving time and money. iCatch Marketing supports REX by handling its brand development, marketing strategy and print materials. This is a project we see as our own, since we’ve been partnered from day one.

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