We designed

The Brand

We developed a new corporate design for the solar engineering company SOLID, while maintaining its existing presence. Creating an impressionable identity is vital to the success of any business.

We strategized

The Presentation

SOLID needed a customizable keynote and PowerPoint presentations. We designed sales presentations unique to their company and provided them with a template so their team could easily adjust the content.

We created

The Concept

We helped SOLID break down complex information, such as tax credits and the long term benefits of these million dollar projects to make it easier to illustrate to a client, leading to a much smoother sales process.

The SOLID Solution

If Solar Is The Future
Your Online Presence Should Convey That

The Austrian solar engineering company, SOLID California contacted iCatch Marketing in need of a new corporate design for its brand, online marketing and various marketing materials for its offline marketing. Our mission was to help SOLID build a better online and offline marketing presence for its brand while developing a corporate design that complemented its existing corporate branding. After gaining an understanding of the core of the company’s brand, we consistently produced versatile designs for prominent banners and displays in SOLID’s exhibits, among other things.



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