We created

The Brand

Web4Realtors needed a brand and logo that spoke to an architectural theme. We devised our own symbol and paired it with a large, white font giving Web4Realtors and unforgettable presence.

We built

The Website

Creating a website for a premier website and marketing provider was a challenge. We succeeded by using thorough language, showcasing the benefits of Web4Realtors’s service and creating a clear value proposition. 

We developed

Custom Themes

We developed a range of completely customizable themes for Web4Realtor’s customers. It was important to cover the entirety of the company’s diverse target group. The result is a selection of WordPress themes, from luxury to contemporary and modern website layouts.

The Beauty Meets the Intelligence

Stunning Websites
With State of the Art Marketing Technology

For Web4Realtors we created the only branded IDX solution available on the market today. Part of Web4Realtor’s competitive advantage is understanding the importance of consistency in branding and therefore providing customers with all branded materials needed to market to real estate clients. iCatch Marketing was in charge of creating a strategy to attract real estate agents and building a platform that doesn’t only look stunning, but also provides modern technology and marketing automation.

The result is the best-looking websites for realtors with the only branded IDX solution and holistic marketing package on the market.





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